It is safe to say I missed Kanye West. I hope he never goes into hiding again. I’m loving his every move (music wise). I especially love when I’m able to get inspired by a musician. Lil Wayne took hip-hop off of life support in 2008 with the “Carter 3”, Jay-z, woke it up with “The Blueprint 3” in 2009 and Kanye is bringing it out of the hospital in 2010! He’s using his most valuable asset, his mind. He didn’t have to give us G.O.O.D Fridays, but he did! Can you remember where you were when you first heard kanye?? I can! I was at home and “Through the Wire” came on MTV. I’ve been rockin’ ever since. When I was a kid my aunt used to say Prince was a “musical genius”, and I never understood what she meant. Now I understand, and Kanye West is definitely a “musical genius.”

Praises to Kanye for delivering amazing music and for taking hip-hop to places we could only imagine…now who’s gonna save R&B?! lol


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