MTV’s Hottest MC’s


  1. Eminem (I agree)
  2. Jay-Z (I agree)
  3. Kanye West (I agree)
  4. Drake (I disagree! I actually have nothing to say)
  5. Rick Ross ( Eh)
  6. Nicki Minaj (I agree)
  7. Lil Wayne (Should swap with #4)
  8. Waka Flocka Flame (He raps? Since when?)
  9. B.O.B (I agree)
  10. Ludacris (Indifferent)

I think everyone’s list would be different! It’s music, just listen and enjoy! OH but this is WAY better than BET’s list. I dont even know what that was?! Seriously BET? You know what I call a list no one agrees with? Nothing! I wouldn’t call that nothing lol


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