For Colored Girls

Let me start by saying , know what you’re signing up for when you purchase tickets for this film. In my personal opinion this movie was truly excellent. There are certain scenes when the women fall into monologues from the play. And if you’re not aware of the origin of this movie you might think the characters are rambling on in a tangent. The cool part is, it doesn’t take this movie forever to start, we’re immediately thrown into theses women’s lives. In 2 hrs we see their stories come full circle. I would like to see For Colored Girls again so I can get a better understanding of the deep metaphors and similes. I’d go to the movies to see this one…or maybe dvd. But this movie is one I would definitely not wait to see on cable.

**SPOILER** Jo’s (Janet Jackson’s character) husband is totally gay, and totally gives her the HIV virus.  SMH


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