#TheSESH w/Shayla

#theSESH w/ Shayla stands for “the session” w/ me, @Y0shayla.

this is a pillow talk style forum about sex, love, life. & relationships from the perspective of YOU w/ a dash of me.

the topics will be open to anyone with an opinion & i’ll be asking my twitter followers & friends to participate. it will be interesting to witness the views of people from all different walks of life and experiences to give their input about the various topics discussed. i will only ask people that i feel will KEEP IT A HUNDO. i need honest, unbiased opinions & feedback.

so here’s how it will work. I will post a topic on my twitter with the hashtag ‘#theSESH topic of the day’

i will then ask a question pertaining to the topic & encourage my followers to tweet me their opinions on the topic.

next, then by going to the home page of bfdofficial.wordpress.com go to the “the sesh w/ shayla” tab & there will be a page for the topic of that day! the topic will be open for discussion via twitter and the results will be posted here. you will be able to see all feedback that i received & the twitter names of the people that participated. i will then post my own opinions about the general concensus of what the participants had to say.

get it? got it? …good.

#ohletsdoit! STAY TUNED!

and don’t forget to follow @Y0shayla @SweeetBob & @BFDOfficial on twitter for updates!!!!


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