Rare Picasso Art Under Investigation

271 rare works of art by Pablo Picasso are under investigation. An electrician by the name of Pierre Le Guennec, worked for Picasso, claims he was given these rare works of art as some type of payment. Mind you this collection has been sitting in the man’s garage for 40 years, in a trunk collecting dust. It is already estimated that this rare collection is worth more than 80 million dollars. Crazy right? Well Picasso’s family caught wind of it all as Le Guennec tried to go and have his rare collection authenticated by Picasso’s estate. The family strongly believes the man stole these paintings versus them being a gift. When Picasso gave away art he usually would note somewhere that the art was in dedication of that particular person. This investigation is in it’s infant form, I’ll keep an eye on the story for you guys as it continues.

**The paintings are now safe in a vault somewhere in Europe**


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