No this is not a post about the record label G.O.O.D music, it’s a post about good music. So often I hear people begging and complaining and whining about how “there’s no good music.” Well what I’m about to say is very important. Good music is everywhere, and I’m 100% sure you probably think there’s a shortage on good music. There isn’t! You probably have your taste stuck in a box. A box that limits you to hip-hop only and maybe 2 dance tracks. That is sad, and you should be ashamed of yourself for living that way. People have gotten to the point that they’re so stuck in their “taste box” they’ll except any form of hip-hop. My examples: I’m gonna pick on Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean (I’m a Big Sean fan, calm down). Those two are prime examples, because in the new world filled with MONOTONE rapping these two guys lead the pack! You can’t seriously tell me MONOTONE rapping is cool. -__- If you think punch lines with NO aggression behind them is a good thing, please get away from my blog. **Run Forrest, run!** You’re the reason you haven’t heard any good music lately. It’s 80% your fault and 20% the radios fault. You choose what you listen to! Sorry to slap this in your face, but if you continually say “there’s no good music,” you’re the one to blame. You’re the one who listens to the same artist OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! It’s your fault. There is a ton of good music out there. Go find it and stop being scared to try something new. Just recently I sat and listened to some Ben Harper. Do I like folk music? NO! But I had to make sure first. I have a favorite genre for every mood. You should too.

Good music does exist. It’s just not in your box…


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