Long Time, No Post

Yes I know, I totally left BFD in the dust. Why? I haven’t a clue. I think I felt like I wasn’t original at all. Not to mention I totally stopped watching television for a very long time, no good music was coming out and I was exploring other creative outlets. I’d say about 30 minutes ago, I was working on another website to sell my graphic designs, and I landed here. *scratches head* Seriously without me posting since January 1st, BFD has actually grown in daily views. How awesome is that!!! I could lie and say I’ve been unbelievably busy…but I’ll never lie to kick it lol
These days it’s so EASY to be connected to EVERY social networking site and I guess I felt like a fool saying the same thing 1000 different ways! Plus with BFD’s content we sound like any other blog site. Well that’s okay! Some things in life you just have to deal with! So BFDOfficial isBACK!!!

We can’t sound like them, because we are not them!

…out of all the talents God has given me, writing is not only my favorite, it’s my shinning star! Never again will I stop writing even if it’s to trash talk celebrities!


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