Wasting Light (album review)

It’s not a “rock” thing. It’s a “I love amazing music” thing! Wasting Light is defiantly the best album of 2011. With such a pounding opener like ‘Burning Bridge’ it’s not very hard to realize this album means business. Foo Fighters teaming up ,Butch Vig, was a genius decision. If you’re not familiar with the name, Butch Vig, was the main producer on Nirvana’s, Nevermind. For lead singer Dave Grohl, this is like old times. Along with teaming up with Nevermind producer, Grohl’s old Nirvana band mate,Krist Novoselic, lends a helping hand.
I consider a great album as one that can be played in it’s entirety without skipping tracks. Just as any other album Wasting Light has a couple of songs that could have easily been left out. ‘White Limo’ and ‘Back and Forth’ are two tracks that didn’t necessarily leave me speechless, but still not bad enough to skip. Seriously you can get lost in this album. The strong balance of heavy instruments and deep lyrics is frighteningly good. The Foo Fighters certainly saved the best for last, ‘Walk’, is a hell of a song that is sure to be on a future list of greatest songs ever constructed. A quick interpretation of ‘Walk’ is it’s in fact about waking up and realizing traveling on the road in a band is no way to live. It comes to a point in the song when the lyrics get so intense it shakes your core just a little.

Without a doubt in my mind, this is the BEST album of 2011!!!!! Go out and get it if you haven’t already. Your ears will thank you!


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