R.I.P Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn, without a doubt was my favorite from the Jackass franchise. As a fan I got to fall in love with him more on MTV’s ‘Viva La Bam’. Usually I wake up in an awesome mood, hearing the news of his death blasted all over twitter Monday morning left me immediately distraught. Ryan’s passing totally took me off course so I decided to dedicate the day to lounging and laughing!

Dunn and a passenger were killed almost instantly in a car crash early Monday morning. Cops arrived on the scene and were tossed the visual of Dunn’s Porsche 911 engulfed in flames. Prior to the fatal crash Dunn tweeted a photo of him and a few buddies drinking. Everyday people assume they can drink and drive responsibly, here is your proof of how bad a decision that can be. It’s hard to feel compassion for someone who may or may not have brought their demise amongst their-self. But compassion is all I can feel! Ryan Dunn is already missed by tons of fans.

And I’ll leave it at that! May he rest in peace! =)


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