I should probably see if this is already a concept. But it just hit me and I wanna express exactly how I feel right now! This is taken from the POV of people who like to keep conversations going. People like myself. So for example, your friend is texting you or whatever form of communication you choose, and they answer very short. So you BREAK your neck to not make it awkward by asking questions you probably dont want to know the answer to. It’s so funny because most of the time these people contact ME first! If you didn’t want to talk you didn’t have to BOTHER me! It is SO irritating, and really gets under my skin. So from here on out I will only give what people give me. Your short, I’m short. You don’t care. I don’t care. You don’t want to be in this conversation, I DEFINITELY don’t wan’t to be in this conversation. Here are some examples. And following those examples will be my solution.

Example: They start the convo “Hey wahts up?” You say.”Nothin,what did you do today?” They answer “Not a lot.” So instead of you letting the convo die you ask something to FORCE them to elaborate. “Not a lot? That doesn’t sound to fun. What are you doing tomorrow?”…their annoying reply “Probably nothing”…Here is where you begin to talk about your life (this is the main part that needs to be cut out.) So you feel compelled to say what you’re doing tomorrow. “Yea I have to take my dog to the vet, she’s getting so sick. We might have to put her to sleep”…they reply “Oh no! Sorry to hear that.” …Really?! My dog may die and that’s what you had to say. But you overlook that in hopes this convo isn’t a total flop. So you say “How are your dogs doing?”…that response you know and HATE “Good” -__-

Is your blood boiling yet? Mine is lol but here’s how we keep our cool from here on out…They start up another convo with “Hey wyd(what are you doing)?” You reply, “Nothing.” …they say “Me Too”…here is where you can hit them with the ultimate eff you…your response “Oh.” This is also the point of the convo where they realize you’re applying the “Mirror Talk” affect. Soooo they decide to say something along these lines, “Are you ok?” And seeing as you are totally fine, you’re just fed up. You respond “I’m fine” (DO NOT add a ‘why’ to the end of that OR a smiley.) Of course they’re stunned because now the ball is in their court, actually they’re not stunned, they’re nervous because now they have to actually talk to get somewhere in this convo. So I would finish the rest of the conversation up accordingly. Remember give what you’re given. This may be hard for people like me who actually enjoy conversation and hate to be rude. But I honestly can’t think of another way to cut out the BS.

“Mirror Talk.” Oh no one is going to like this one. But stop asking me about my life and not sharing anything about yours! Seriously gtfoh with that! I am stopping the TAKERS!!! Go question up a brick wall…that will equal you level of entertainment. Eventually I’ll start saying “What do you want? Get to the point!”


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