Fela Raymond #TheInterview

For my second interview ever I got the chance to briefly discuss some things with college student and photographer, Fela Raymond. We touched on the topic of school and Raymond’s balancing act! Check out the interview below.

BFD: I’m interested in how you balance school and photography. So I’ll start by asking, how do you manage to do both?

Fela Raymond: How i maintain the two? Honestly, I don’t understand how I do it myself. I have come to realized that I put so much pressure on myself when it comes to school that I’m not normally doing as bad as I think I am. I have such a nonchalant attitude most of the times when it comes to school, I don’t feel like school is for me, if I could drop out honestly I would.

BFD: That’s a pretty bold statement, but very common amongst people of our generation. What is your reason for not dropping out?

Fela Raymond: My parents are my one and only reason honestly. I can’t afford to let them down.
I have made promises to my parents of being successful in life and I refuse to let them down. Honestly if I got a great Job offer or something like that right now, I might leave college. Until I get that offer of a life time I will stay in college as a back up plan. The craziest thing I have learned about college is, I learn so much more out of class than I do in class.

BFD: Wow! I know people who share your same view on college. How many hours are you taking this semester at Texas Tech? And what is your major exactly?

Fela Raymond: I’m taking 12 hours right now but my classes last 3 1/2 hours longs. I am an art major under communication design.

BFD: When you’re sitting in those 3 1/2 long classes do you find yourself in a daze thinking about what you want to be doing appose to what you’re doing?

Fela Raymond: No I don’t as much most of the time.

BFD: On to photography. Where does your love for that come from?

Fela Raymond: My love for photography has been there all my life . When I was in Nigeria I always used to take pictures as a young kid . Every event the family had I took pictures. I never took it seriously until I got to college and I realized it was something I [should] put more effort into. I’ve come to realize i love it!

BFD: Wow! Photography has definitely been apart of you forever. Do you see yourself expanding with your photography? Or is it something that is more of a hobby?

Fela Raymond: I see it as something I can expand on in my career.

BFD: What exactly do you see yourself doing with it?

Fela Raymond: Right now I’m just doing a lot of everything, trying to find my place in photography. So I dont know exactly what I’ll be doing, but I can see myself working for a magazine company . So I can be able to incorporate my photography and my designing .

BFD: Photography is the glue of the entertainment world. Almost like the last piece of the puzzle, we need the visual to pull us into the product. Would you want to work for fashion magazines, or hip-hop magazines?

Fela Raymond: I would probably do more of fashion.

BFD: Is there a certain photographer that you look up to?

Fela Raymond: No I dont have a photographer that I look up too, but I do like alot of Chuck Close’s work. I’m really into portraits and the way people perceive themselves.

You sound like you have something there. I’m excited to watch your growth! Thanks for letting me question you up. And thank you all for reading! Here are links to check out Fela Raymond. BFD loves Fela, you should too!

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