Social Network

This is a good one! I hate when i spend money on a movie and leave disappointed. Social Network did not disappoint at all. We are introduced to the main character’s (Mark Zuckerberg) unique personality immediately. The movie starts with this fast sophisticated conversation that could easily lose the common idiot! And at the end of this opener our main character is dumped by his girlfriend. Later on in the movie you’ll find out that she is the motive behind all of his success.

Zuckerberg is the creator of facebook. The story is a collection of flashbacks that are used while Mark Zuckerberg defends himself in heavy lawsuits. Through all the craziness we get a story of how one man changed life as we know it. 4 men are out to get his money in this film. I won’t ruin it for you. See it for yourself =)

***JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE*** Wow so I would rather him make music, but whatever! Justin ironically plays the creator of napster in this movie. His character is a real snake, but he’s an intricate part of the story…TRUST NO ONE!!!