today…at work

I QUIT!!!!! =) oh the joy lol I’m serious. Got a new job so I’ll be back working there in a few months.

today…at work

This lady came in…let me describe her first. She had unfinished micro braids, so there was like a poof ball on top of her head, and it seems like she came to pick up food for her, her friends, and the person braiding her hair (I’m black and I just know how those things work out). So I pack up her food and I give it to her, and she says “Do you have packets of salt and pepper” So I start looking for them, guess i was taking too long bc the lady said “Oh, ima jus take yall salt and pepper shakers!” And she took them! hahahahahaha omg then she went on to say “These cheap, yall can get some more, it’s just plastic” So while I’m like in shock AND laughing very hard i say “Ummm you cant take those” hahahahaha and the lady says “Sure I can” hahahaha

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She thugged me at work! Soooo funny! Like extremely funny! She was too real for me!

Oh and before she got out the door I managed to catch my breath and say “Have a good day!” smh so FUNNY!!!!